Compliance, Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Programs

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We audit, design, develop, and implement bespoke “Compliance” programs focussing on the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct with internal and external customers based on latest market best practices.

The aim of the program is to support the organizations::

  • Create awareness on code of ethics and business conduct standards
  • Emphasize the importance of the core ethical business values and standards
  • Enable the staff and management to continue embracing it in everything they do in the organization, with all internal and external customers and support prevent incidents or breaches in the code of ethics and business conduct
  • Define the disciplinary measures, guidelines and processes adapted in case of misconduct or whistle blow
  • Create a culture of ethical and compliance behaviour
  • Build employee trust and confidence

In collaboration with the Legal, HR and management team, Impact-HCC may focus the program on areas such as:

  • Corporate Communication Ethics and Standards
  • Business Ethics and Standards
  • Maintaining privacy of documents
  • Ethics and Business Conduct with Partners
The purpose is:
To prevent future compliance concerns, detect and correct any existing ones, as well as build a culture of trust through emphasizing the importance of living the core business values, to enable the staff to support prevent future incidents or breaches in the code of conduct and business standards. This will allow our clients to continue to stand out among the competition in the market and grow through innovation and value creation, while honouring their integrity.

Our program may include:

  • Audit of current compliance standards, policies, processes, and practices
  • Pre/Post Course Assessments
  • Design and Delivery of:
    • Face to face Compliance Training which includes:
    • Workbooks
    • Learning Videos
    • Interactive Activities, role modelling, and cases scenarios