About Us

Impact-HCC is as Dubai-based boutique firm led by immensely talented HR Experts, who are recognized by the industry as knowledge leaders. Within a couple of years the team managed to successfully expand its operations to include another campus office in Barcelona - Spain.

As a team, we pride ourselves in constantly endeavoring into challenging projects, that require us to innovate and support our clients in their corporate transformational journey needed to sustain their competitive edge in a continuously and rapidly changing and evolving business environment.

This aspired transformation is delivered through our tailored turnkey HR solutions, that are especially designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of every client.

Our Clients are:

       Government entities and international  organizations.

       Market leaders, trend setters or innovators from various market sectors within the region and across the globe.

       Aspiring small and medium organizations.


Our Team:

       Consists of HR Experts with proven success track record on international and regional scale.

       Utilizes the latest technology platforms and knowledge channels, to ensure optimal quality, efficiency and  cost/ time saving on the delivery of each assignment.

       Is with high integrity, professionalism, experience and knowledge, who aspire to deliver real transformation and impact in their environment.