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Impact-HCC’s partnership with Corbusiness

The strategic alliance between Impact-HCC and Corbusiness, a Barcelona-based organization established and led by Jaime Escort and Juan Bartra, opens infinite possibilities of collaboration between us to bring to our clients an upgraded level of consciousness through vertical learning.

While the traditional learning is horizontal in the sense that its mission is to increase the knowledge in order to increase expertise, vertical learning focuses on mindset transformation where leaders develop through stages in thinking of increasingly more complex ways, hence heightening one’s awareness. Vertical learning develops mental agility and emotional intelligence, improving how people feel, how they interpret situations and how they communicate.

Vertical learning can be best acquired through vital consciousness and self-actualization techniques.

What is a conscious organization?

Most organizations have developed a tolerance for certain shadows or dark behaviors that detract from their being as effective and vital as they might be as enterprises and workplaces. People who work have become resigned to this less-than-fully-functional state as “the best they can do under the circumstances,” a condition that gives rise to mediocrity and low engagement.

Conscious Organizations, or anyone involved with them, will more quickly recognize an unwanted quality, procedure, practice or other element of its culture, because it has built-in vigilance for that which is not conscious. This vigilance is explicitly part of its culture. It is imbedded in the DNA of the organization. Once any unwanted dysfunction is recognized, a rallying cry goes out and the organization’s resources are marshaled toward “cleaning up” that area and making it more conscious. This could be compared to how the human body’s immune system responds to an infection or any invading toxic agent.

Conscious Organizations are continually examining themselves and committed to becoming as self-aware and responsible with a very low tolerance for dysfunction.



Conscious Leadership through Mindfulness
Unlocking leadership potential and capacity, by identifying the blind spots and dealing with higher levels of complexity, hence a higher level of organizational performance

Mindfulness at Work
Integrating mindfulness principles and tools into the workplace, as a catalyst to enhancing creativity and collaboration across the organization and ensuring long-term sustainability of performance, satisfaction and engagement of teams
Gender Integration Framework
Fostering conscious and efficient commitment to gender integration at all levels of the organization, ensuring more ethical and healthy competitiveness and creativity

Alignment with Vision and Values
Connecting employees with the vision and values of the organization, promoting a greater sense of belonging and hence more efficiency and productivity in the work place by a growing sense of belonging in the organization

Customer Experience 5.0
Providing the optimum ground and environment for the organization to continuously grow and deliver the best key solutions that create the unique customer experience, through bespoke programs that meet customer needs and exceed expectations
Gender Integration Framework
Fostering conscious and efficient commitment to gender integration at all levels of the organization, ensuring more ethical and healthy competitiveness and creativity

Organizational Climate
Applying neuronal innovation to establish new standards of work balance and improve organizational climate

Communication 5.0
The program is tailored to facilitate conscious mechanisms of internal and external communication, improving sustainable development, transparency, collaboration and high levels of performance across the organizations
Organizational and Personal Voice
Liberating potential of people’s voice to allow excellence in the organization by channeling behaviors and healthy conditions that support the positive impact on performance, service delivery and customer experience


Bulk Seed Sachets

The “Bulk Seed Sachets” cover 87% of organizational needs. They are usually delivered in a project-format and have proven their efficiency in transforming and adapting organizations to new environments generated by VUCA

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  • Basecamp®
  • Integral Happiness®
  • Leading from the Emerging Future®
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