Global Assignment Services

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We provide “Global Assignment Management Consultancy Services” to medium and large international corporate organizations in setting up or supporting their GAM department manage the rising needs and requirements of their expat staff population located on various international grounds.

Specialist expertise and services include:

  • International vendor management and selection.
  • Advisory and processing of Tax and social security, immigration, cultural training and destination services.
  • Management of all aspects of international assignment policy such as:
    • Establishing best practice, developing and refining existing process and procedures.
    • Drafting and agreement of assignment contracts, compensation and benefits, home and host HR liaison, training and mentoring staff for service delivery, and managing policy exceptions.
    • Assignment expense management (bringing together corporate and local Payroll, Finance, Tax, Legal and HR) and coordination of cross-charges, reintegration scenarios and expat surveys.
    • Inbound and outbound UK and global assignees.